No-risk workations

Give your team the flexibility to work from anywhere

WorkFlex is a simple yet powerful workation management software. It’s never been easier to offer workations without worrying about compliance.

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100+ businesses trust WorkFlex to handle workations compliantly

Workations are...

Easy and inexpensive to offer 

But they do come with compliance risks, which can result in extra fees, taxes, and admin burden. Luckily, with WorkFlex, you don't have to worry about any of that.

Avoid compliance headaches

We’ve got you covered for all the key tax and legal workation risks. And if any risks do come up, we take full responsibility

Save money

No need to hire expensive tax lawyers or HR admins to manage workation requests. Plus, we help you avoid potential fines, interest, and penalties

Save time

Lighten your HR department’s workload by automating workation management. This way, your team can have more time to focus on other important tasks

Workations are...

A must-have benefit for your employees

Do you want to keep your employees happy and engaged? Offer the ultimate perk – the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Improve retention

Did you know that workplace flexibility is almost as important as compensation when it comes to job satisfaction? Happy employees = loyal employees

Attract top talent

In 2022, one out of five workers planned to leave their current jobs in search of a better work-life balance. With workations on the table, they'll be lining up to work for you

Boost morale

Flexible working makes your employees feel appreciated and trusted, leading to higher levels of motivation and productivity


Say goodbye to these
compliance risks

You offer workations, we handle the risk – it's that simple.

Corporate Income Tax

What is the risk? Workationer constitutes a Permanent Establishment in the destination country. As a result, you’d have to register the company locally, attribute profits to the local business (branch) and file corporate tax.

What does WorkFlex do? We help you avoid triggering corporate tax liability in the destination country.

Here’s what could happen if you don’t prevent this:

Corporate tax at 20% to 35% over attributable profit
Administrative obligations exceeding € 50,000
Penalties for not registering and/or filing (timely)
Interest for late remittance of corporate tax 
Employer brand damage and other non-financial damage

Employment Tax

What is the risk? Obligation to set up payroll in the destination country. This implies that you have become an employer there and have to pay employment tax (generally consisting of wage tax and social security contributions).

What does WorkFlex do? We help you avoid triggering the obligation to set up payroll in the destination country.

Here’s what could happen if you don’t prevent this:

Employment tax up to 60% or even 150% (grossed up)
Administrative obligations exceeding € 5,000
Penalties for not registering and/or filing (timely)
Interest for late remittance of employment tax
Employer brand damage and other non-financial damage

Social Security

What is the risk? Workationer becomes socially insured in the destination country and/or drops out of the coverage of the home country's social security, both of which are not desirable.

What does WorkFlex do? We ensure that your employees remain covered by their home country's social security scheme.

Here’s what could happen if you don’t prevent this:

Contributions of €5,000 to €15,000 per year
Administrative obligations exceeding €5,000
Penalties for not registering and/or filing (timely)
Interest for late remittance of social security contributions
Employer brand damage and other non-financial damage

Labour Law

What is the risk? Local labour law becomes applicable to workationer's employment. This could result in significant additional financial obligations or in-kind entitlements to the employee, such as holiday pay (depending on the specific laws in the destination country).

What does WorkFlex do? We help you avoid the risk of local labour laws becoming applicable to your employees on workations.

Here’s what could happen if you don’t prevent this:

Penalties up to €5,000
Local entitlements such as termination arrangements
Employer brand damage and other non-financial damage

Work Entitlement

What is the risk? Workationer has no right to work in the destination country, creating an illegal labour situation which is generally very heavily penalised.

What does WorkFlex do? We make sure that your employees have the right to work in the destination country.

Here’s what could happen if you don’t prevent this:

Penalties exceeding €5,000
Company and/or employee ban of entering the country
Employer brand damage and other non-financial damage

WorkFlex In Numbers

We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves




Workation requests
handled compliantly


Hours saved by HR

€1,750,000+ *

Saved in tax lawyers’ fees

*calculated based on 10,000+ workations enabled

Connect your HRIS with WorkFlex in just a few clicks

Case studies

How these businesses are using WorkFlex

Testimonial portrait image
“The right tool to support our strategy”
How Scout24 embraced flexible working and automated work-from-abroad requests.
Positive feedback from the employees
Tax- and compliance-friendly workations
Time savings
“Thanks to the first-class service, we can respond more quickly to the wishes of our employees, which means that they can start actively planning and designing stays abroad more quickly without having to think about it too much.”
Krzysztof Lysik, Head of Tax at Scout24
Testimonial portrait image
“We only have to follow the framework. No more case-by-case requests.”
How i2x made work from abroad accessible to 100% of their employees
A work-from-abroad policy with clearly set rules and frameworks
Freedom for employees to work from everywhere compliantly
Extra employee motivation and engagement
“I no longer have to read through an agreement of 270 pages on Brexit in order to say whether the person can go work in London or not. Using WorkFlex is a great relief in my responsibilities: the framework conditions of the workplaces are fully set out in a compliant way.”
Narmatha Ravinthiran, Head of People and Organization at i2x
Testimonial portrait image
“We can now offer our employees the possibility to request work from abroad through easy-to-use software”
How Enpal lightened their workload and processes while staying fully compliant
Cost efficient in comparison to heavy tax lawyers services’ costs
Time saving
Strong benefits for employees
“It was quite a challenge to handle all the sudden work-from-abroad requests. Now I can confidently say that we are a well-positioned company when it comes to work from abroad.”
Sophie Kostka, Former Head of HR Operations & Culture at Enpal

WorkFlex makes workations…


We simplify the process of offering workations by taking care of everything – from risk assessment to handling all documentation for each work-from-abroad request.


No more manually managing workations or wasting countless HR hours. Let us take care of the process from start to finish with fully automated software.


By partnering with international lawyers, we keep the WorkFlex global compliance engine up to date, ensuring your business and team are protected during workations.


What types of companies can benefit from using WorkFlex?

WorkFlex is designed for companies with remote-first and hybrid cultures, or those that want to offer workations as a perk to attract and retain top talent.

What compliance risks do you manage?

WorkFlex manages five main compliance risks associated with workations. They include corporate income tax, employment tax, social security, labour law, and work entitlement.

How do no-risk workations work?

The WorkFlex global compliance engine assesses five key risk factors for every trip request and categorises it as either a "no-risk workation" or a "high-risk workation".

In the unlikely event that any compliance risks arise during a risk-free workation, you receive:

  • Professional support for discussions with local authorities
  • Legal liability for incorrect or partially incorrect risk assessments
  • Financial liability covering the local corporate tax, employment tax and social security premiums for correct risk assessments

Please note that high-risk cases are not covered under the "no-risk workations" concept, but employers can still choose to approve them at their own discretion. In these cases, WorkFlex cannot take responsibility.

You can learn more about how no-risk workations work by downloading our whitepaper.

What is your pricing structure?

Pricing is custom and based on your enterprise needs. To learn more, please visit our Pricing page.

How can I get started with WorkFlex?

If you want to get started, you can schedule a free demo. During the demo, you'll have the opportunity to see the software in action and ask any questions you may have.

With WorkFlex, compliance is no longer a roadblock to offering workations

Join 100+ companies managing their workation requests compliantly.