Reduce compliance risks of business trips to zero

With WorkFlex, ensuring compliance is as simple as clicking a button. Now, that's what we call a smooth journey!

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WorkFlex Business travel

200+ companies trust WorkFlex to handle business travel compliance


Why business travel compliance is a big deal

Increased data sharing

With the world getting more connected by the minute, tax and immigration offices are sharing taxation and immigration information like never before (especially within the EU).

Rebound of business travel

Business travel is making a big comeback, with more than a third of companies, big and small, anticipating full recovery by the end of 2023.

Consequences of non-compliance

Companies like Infosys, Netflix, and Bosch being slapped with million-dollar fines for breaking business travel rules are a powerful reminder that compliance is no joke.

Centralised & automated

Your one-stop platform for business travel management

Zero compliance risks

With WorkFlex, those tax and legal headaches that come with business trips are history. We help you avoid fines and hefty bills from tax lawyers, while taking responsibility if any risks arise.

Time savings

No more hiring extra HR admins to manage business trips. We handle all the documents, like A1 certificates and invitation letters, saving ~3 hours of manual work per business trip.

Insights at your fingertips

Keep an eye on your team's travel with real-time updates. You'll have all the details, like how long they're staying abroad and the risk levels of their trips, along with risk mitigation measures.


Get comprehensive risk assessment

Our system examines seven main business travel-related risks (tax, labour laws, Posted Workers' Directive risks, and more). Each trip request gets labeled as "no risk" or "high risk".

You get informed about the risks involved and how to manage them
Your employees maintain full compliance throughout their international trips
Your company is protected from business travel-related risks

Risk mitigation

Secure necessary trip documents

Once the business trip risk assessment is done, our system automatically generates all the documents you need to mitigate risks:

A1 certificate / CoC, WorkFlex Social Security Statement
Travel health insurance
Invitation letter
Posted Workers Directive (PWD) notification

Seamless HRIS and Travel Booking integrations

Avoid hidden costs of business travel and ensure full travel compliance

Join 200+ companies managing their business travel requests compliantly.