Simple workation management with zero worries about compliance

Powerful features to make the workation request and approval process a breeze.

WorkFlex Dashboard overview.

Centralised platform

All of your workation requests, in one place

Easy to set up

Have the platform fully set up in less than one hour. Invite employees to join WorkFlex with a few clicks by using the bulk-upload feature or one of our HRIS integrations.

Easy to customise

Tailor your work-from-abroad policies to your needs. Specify countries and the total number of days employees are allowed to work remotely. You can also add your own Terms & Conditions.

Easy to use

Effortlessly track workation requests, monitor the number of days employees spend abroad, and access all necessary documents for staying compliant.

WorkFlex Global Compliance Engine

Get comprehensive risk assessment

Our system evaluates five main workation-related risks (tax, labour law, and more), categorising each request as “no risk” or “high risk”.

You know whether to approve or reject a request based on risk level
Your employee stays compliant while on their trip abroad
Your company is protected from workation-related risks
A overview of trip-related paperwork in the WorkFlex dashboard.

Risk mitigation

Get trip-related paperwork

Once the workation request is approved, our system automatically generates all the documents you need for compliant workations:

WorkFlex Social Security Statement
Travel health insurance
Employee trip instructions


Eliminate compliance risks for workations

If any compliance risks arise during a no-risk workation (which is highly unlikely), WorkFlex has got you covered with:

Professional support
Legal liability
Financial liability
WorkFlex dashboard submissions overview.

Employee onboarding

Get up and running in minutes

Invite employees to WorkFlex via bulk upload or through our SAP SuccessFactors or Personio HRIS integrations.

Save time on manual tasks
Simplify employee onboarding
Keep data consistent across systems

Get started

Streamline your workation management and compliance today

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