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Get an overview of your teams' travel activities in real time

Stay informed about where, when, and why your employees travel abroad without any administrative effort

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With WorkFlex, employee travel records are always available and up-to-date


Relieve administrative burden from tracking employee travel data

WorkFlex automatically documents all details, from trip request submission to manager and HR approvals, complete with timestamps. Everything you need is conveniently accessible, ensuring transparency and accountability at every step

Risk assessment of all compliance risks around remote work abroad and workations
Trip-related paperwork of workation compliance


Stay informed about your employees' destinations and trip documents

In today's dynamic global landscape, it's critical to know exactly where your employees are travelling. WorkFlex provides a clear overview of your employees' destinations and travel documents, enabling you to proactively mitigate risk and provide timely support when needed


Keeping employee travel data up-to-date is just one piece of the compliance puzzle

Make your employee trips fully compliant with automated compliance risk assessments, A1 certificates, travel health insurance, visa processing and more with WorkFlex

Work from anywhere compliance

Private employee trips up to 183 days per year

Business travel compliance

Employee trips for business purposes


Learn about compliance risks & mitigation measures

Ensuring legal compliance in remote work abroad: your ultimate guide

All risks and risk mitigation measures around remote work abroad, simply explained

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