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What’s included

Everything you need for risk-free workations

Software license

Up-do-date compliance logic for all countries worldwide
Unlimited number of trip requests with automated risk assessment for each trip
User-friendly interface for employees and HR admins

Trip handling

A1 certificates and CoC (Germany, Austria, UK, the Netherlands)
WorkFlex Social Security Statement (worldwide)
Travel health insurance backed by a global insurer
Individualised employee instructions for every trip


Professional support in discussions with authorities
Legal liability if a risk assessment has been partially incorrect
Financial liability covering local corporate tax, employment tax, and social security premiums


Consulting services to help you create a company policy that works for you
Professional support in internal and external communication
Full support for admins and employees from a customer success manager and an international legal team

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Pricing FAQs

How long is the contract?

Once the WorkFlex agreement is signed, it'll be valid for 12 months. After that, it'll renew automatically for another 12 months, unless either party gives the other written notice of termination at least 30 days before the end of the 12 months.

What are the steps to implement WorkFlex?

The implementation process is easy and can be done as quickly as in one week: 

  1. WorkFlex sets up your company profile
  2. You set up your company’s work-from-abroad policy using our best-practice examples, with support from a dedicated customer success manager 
  3. With the help from WorkFlex, you communicate the benefits of workations both internally and externally – such as company-wide meetings or employer branding materials
  4. You send invitations to join WorkFlex to your employees using an HRIS integration or via our bulk invite feature. Now they are ready to start workflexing!

Want to learn about a custom implementation path for your company? Book a meeting with a WorkFlex consultant today.

Are there any implementation costs?

No, there is no extra charge for the implementation process. The only costs relevant for each client is the subscription pay starting from €999/month and trip handling. 

Book a meeting with a WorkFlex consultant to get a custom pricing offer for your company.

Will my data be private and secure?

WorkFlex takes your data privacy and security very seriously.

Hosting infrastructure 

All of our service providers store their data within the EU. The WorkFlex platform is hosted at AWS in Frankfurt, Germany.

Data collection

Data is solely collected for the purpose of temporary work from abroad. In order to evaluate the compliance risk and to issue the necessary documents, we need the following data (see TOM's in DPA). The data remains in the system as long as you are a customer or ask us to delete it.

Does WorkFlex integrate with other systems?

Yes, WorkFlex has integrations with SAP SuccessFactors and Personio HRIS:

  • Easily import and invite your employees to WorkFlex
  • Keep employee data up to date by pulling it directly from your HRIS system
  • Ensure consistency in employee information across both WorkFlex and your HRIS 

Integrations with other HRIS will be developed in the near future – ask a WorkFlex consultant about opportunities to integrate with your HRIS.

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