Avoid the costly consequences of health and occupational risks abroad

Protect your employees with comprehensive travel health insurance while they travel abroad

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With WorkFlex, protect your employees with comprehensive travel health insurance


Issue a travel health insurance certificate effortlessly

With WorkFlex, securing travel health insurance for employee trips is seamless. Whether for a business trip or a work-from-anywhere request, the package is automatically added if the insurance feature is enabled

Risk assessment of all compliance risks around remote work abroad and workations
Trip-related paperwork of workation compliance


Benefit from a comprehensive insurance package

Backed by ALH Group Hallesche, the package offers full medical coverage in any country worldwide in case of emergency. It is automatically added to every employee trip approved on WorkFlex


Travel health insurance is just one piece of the compliance puzzle

With WorkFlex, get support through automated compliance risk mitigation measures, such as A1 certificates, PWD notifications, data transfer impact assessment, visa processing and more

Work from anywhere compliance

Private employee trips up to 183 days per year

Business travel compliance

Employee trips for business purposes


Learn about compliance risks & mitigation measures

Ensuring legal compliance in remote work abroad: your ultimate guide

All risks and risk mitigation measures around remote work abroad, simply explained

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