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With WorkFlex, manage global mobility compliance risks with confidence


Gain a thorough understanding of trip-specific compliance risks

Our system carefully evaluates seven key risk areas for each employee trip request, considering employee-, company-, destination- and trip-specific data. Comprehensive risk assessment for the trip is available instantly

Risk assessment of all compliance risks around remote work abroad and workations
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Enjoy peace of mind amidst global mobility shifts

Our expert compliance team diligently monitors country-specific guideline changes, ensuring your risk assessments are always aligned with the latest global mobility developments


Evaluating the compliance risks is just one piece of the puzzle

With WorkFlex, get support through automated compliance risk mitigation measures, such as A1 certificates, PWD notifications, travel health insurance, visa processing and more

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Learn about compliance risks & mitigation measures

Ensuring legal compliance in remote work abroad: your ultimate guide 

All risks and risk mitigation measures around remote work abroad, simply explained

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