Business Travel

Business travel is travel undertaken specifically for business purposes. This does not include the daily commute, leisure trips or holidays. Business travel helps fostering connections, closing deals, and exchanging ideas face-to-face. It's a strategic manoeuvre to bridge gaps, build relationships, and immerse oneself in the dynamics of a globalized marketplace. The allure of business travel lies not just in the destination but in the opportunities it unlocks—the chance to understand diverse markets, engage with international clients, and propel one's career forward.

What is the difference between a business trip and a workation?
Business travel is a journey specifically taken for work purposes and doesn't include daily commutes, leisure trips or holidays. Some ways of differentiating it from workations is that a business trip is paid by the employer. If the employee voluntarily decides to work from abroad at his/her own expense, it is a workation.

Which documents are necessary when going on a business trip?
When leaving to a business trip abroad several documents are relevant such as the medical insurance, the A1/certification of coverage, the PWD/analogous registration depending on the country and for destinations out of the EU a specific visa may be required

Discover the hidden cost of Business Travel

See this white paper for details on the non-compliance costs incurred by Netflix, Infosys, and Bosch during their overseas business travels.

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