Working from North & Latin America with time differences

Embrace the stunning beaches of Mexico, the vibrant streets of Bogota, and more while managing work across time zones. Discover how to make the most of your workation and gain productivity-boosting tips for your adventure. Your dream workation awaits! 🏖️🚀

Gonzalo Corrales Cortés

In the era of remote work and digital connectivity, the world has become our office, with boundaries stretching from the sandy beaches of Mexico 🏖️ to the bustling cities of the United States 🌆 and Argentina 🇦🇷. However, for those of us residing in Central European Time (CET) and working with teams based in this time zone, bridging the gap with colleagues across multiple time zones can be a challenging task.

Working from amazing destinations such as Mexico, the US or Argentina would entail being between 4 and 9 hours behind the Central European Time (CET)!

So, how do you ensure that you're not just keeping up but thriving in a global workforce where the early bird catches the worm? Get ready to rise and shine, Americas, because we've got some valuable tips to help you navigate the world of work across time zones.


☀️ Get Up Early, Stay Ahead: Whether your company use asynchronous or synchronous communication methods, the sooner you wake up, the better. This helps ensure effective communication without causing disruptions to everyone's daily routines. 


🗣️ Transparent Communication is Key: Being transparent about your schedule is crucial. Let your team know where you are, which tasks need immediate attention, and which ones can be managed flexibly. By indicating your most accessible hours and when you may be less responsive due to the time difference, you ensure that everyone is on the same page.


⏰ Embrace the Down Time: One unique advantage of working across time zones is the opportunity to use the downtime effectively. Many employees find that working when others are off is incredibly productive, thanks to uninterrupted focus and fewer interruptions.

🤝 Prioritize Tasks: Organize your workday by prioritizing tasks. Focus on important or time-sensitive assignments during the overlapping hours with your European team to facilitate real-time collaboration and foster a sense of unity.

📅 Regular check-ins: Scheduling weekly check-ins with your team or manager tobe updated is essential. These check-ins help maintain open communication andensure everyone is on the same page despite the time difference. 


⏰ Use Time Zone Converters: Utilize online tools or applications to easily convert time zones. This will help you coordinate meetings and deadlines more effectively.


🌿 Self-Care Matters: Working with a significant time zone difference can be mentally andphysically demanding. Ensure you take care of your health and well-being bymaintaining a balanced work-life routine. Consider blocking out certain hours in your calendar to allow for rest and rejuvenation.


By following these tips and embracing the opportunitiesthat come with it, you can tap into higher levels of productivity whileenjoying the amazing landscapes and experiences that the Americas have tooffer. So, rise and shine, America, and let your proactive, persistent, andoptimistic spirit soar across time zones, making your mark on the world ofwork! 🚀🌍

So, whether you choose to seize the dawn or embrace the night, your workation in Asia can be a rewarding adventure. It's all about finding your rhythm and making the most of every moment. 🌏✨

We wish you a wonderful workation! WorkFlex employees have worked remotely from India, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Singapore and many more countries in Asia.

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