No-risk workations: How to eliminate employer compliance risks related to workations?

Discover a new solution for offering workations without employer compliance risks. Watch the No-Risk Workations webinar with WorkFlex co-founders, Pieter Manden & Patrick Koch. Learn about the groundbreaking concept and find common ground for work-life balance.

Patrick Koch


Your employees would love to go on workations. But you are reluctant to give them the freedom to work from anywhere because of concerns about employer compliance risks.  Is there a common ground? 🤔  

Yes, there is! 🙌  

Watch the webinar on No-risk workations led by WorkFlex Co-Founders Pieter Manden & Patrick Koch. In the webinar, we will introduce you to the groundbreaking concept of no-risk workations that protects the employer from the relevant compliance risks of workations.

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With WorkFlex, compliance is no longer a roadblock to offering workations

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