Company Offsite

A company offsite is an event or activity organized by a company that takes employees from their usual workplace to a different location (in the same country or a third one). These offsite events are often held for purposes such as team-building, strategic planning, workshops, training, or simply to provide a change of environment for increased creativity and collaboration among the team.

Company offsites across borders

While celebrating a company offsite in another country may be an interesting idea, some aspects should be assessed separately such as the tax implications (from a permanent establishment and wage tax perspective), work permits, social security and some other requirements ,they may be required as the employees registration in the destination country.

To tackle these risks, companies should research on the legal and regulatory requirements of the host country and seek legal advice. Companies can also count on implementing a business trip management process. Book a demo with WorkFlex today to see how we can help you streamline company offisites and mitigate every potential risks.