Risk mitigation measures

WorkFlex does not just assess the compliance risks, it also implements a compliant solution for each trip. This saves the employer on average 3 hours of manual work per trip.

What are the compliance risks?

Check out this Remote Work Compliance Handbook where we'll show employers how to mitigate these risks easily.

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The compliant solution consists of (a combination of) the 8 measures:

  • For business trips: The implementation will start immediately after the trip request.
  • For workations: As soon as both the manager and the HR have approved the request, the implementation of the compliant solution will automatically be initiated.

Knowing that WorkFlex will put the compliant solution in place, allows the global compliance engine to qualify more requests as low risk with two main results:

  • Business trips can take place without the involvement of HR or internal compliance checks
  • More workations can be granted allowing the employer to make employees happy by approving their trip requests