Work Entitlement

This dimension assesses the company risks of potential illegal labour situations if an employee works from abroad without the pertinent permit to work in the destination country, which is generally heavily penalised. 


  • Penalties exceeding € 5.000
  • Entering ban or ban of business

Curious about the WorkFlex No-Risk Workations?

Here is a summary of the No-Risk Concept, which explains in detail how WorkFlex takes full liability for all trips abroad!

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An employee requires a valid title to work in the destination country. The penalties for working without such a valid work title are significant, and can be imposed at both the employer and the employee. The rules and regulations around work entitlement were not written with workationers in mind. Although some countries have adopted types of remote or nomad visa, most have not. For these countries, WorkFlex qualifies temporary remote workers as business travellers.

The WorkFlex risk qualification will be low if the employee is allowed to temporarily work in the destination country. In case any active employer effort is required, e.g. local VISA sponsorship, the risk qualification is likely to be high. This risk dimension is included under the no-risk concept.