Global Mobility im Wandel: Compliance für die moderne Arbeitswelt

Uncover key insights on immigration, work permits, and compliance in our webinar with experts Pieter Manden, Dorothee Schweigard, and Sandra Harting-Richter. Stay ahead in the era of remote work and discover the pulse of new trends. Join us for a compelling discussion that will reshape your perspective on global mobility!

In the past, global mobility was initiated in the interests of the employer. There were classic models such as Long Term Assignments, Short Term Assignments, and Career Assignments. Today, mobility is also carried out at the request of the employee, including remote work and workations.

Key topics:

  • Immigration and visa requirements.
  • Work permits and licenses
  • Social security and A1 certificates
  • Travel insurance (private international health insurance)
  • PWD notification/registration of business trips

Discuss together the new trends and the associated compliance issues with renowned Global Mobility and HR experts WorkFlex Co-Founder Pieter Manden and Director Compliance Research Center Dorothee Schweigard as well as Sandra Harting-Richter from the VHV Group.

With WorkFlex, compliance is no longer a roadblock to offering
workations and business travel

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